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The documentary, TO BE AN AMERICAN is available on Vimeo, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and more.


Audience comments for TO BE AN AMERICAN:

“This film doesn’t spoon feed you thought, rather, it is designed to make YOU think. Four Stars!”



“I highly recommend TO BE AN AMERICAN to anyone who has or, even has not, pondered the question, “What should it mean to be an American?”

“I have a strong feeling that everyone who sees TO BE AN AMERICAN will leave the theater asking themselves the same question.”

“Such a powerful piece.”

“The question continues to resonate with me long after seeing the film.”

“A lovely collage of ideals, people, and places served up on the backdrop of a fascinating time in American history.”

“Timely and touching, I look forward to seeing it again!”

“This documentary should be shown to every public school student in the middle and high school grades as a requisite to getting promoted either to the next grade or graduating high school.”

“The documentary is democracy personified!”


TO BE AN AMERICAN documents hundreds of amazing interviews!

On the  Capitals Tour we took our cameras throughout North America stopping at each state capital (and points of interest in-between) to capture raw extemporaneous opinions from a wide variety of people relative to the American experience. Our journey began with one question . . . the same question to each person. No one knew The Capitals Tour: What Should It Mean . . . ? Photo by Ken Hurley our question before coming on camera.

Watch. Think. Act. Help shape America’s future. Join the conversation!

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Colorado State Capitol on the Capitals Tour. Photo by Ken Hurley for Civication, Inc.

Colorado State Capitol on the Capitals Tour. Photo by Ken Hurley for Civication, Inc.

ACCESS News is recognized as Best in Austin!

Welcome to the Civication website! Civication has accomplished many good projects since its inception. Notable among those projects are two television programs designed to inform the viewer about civic-education issues of today — Civil Discourse and ACCESS News. You may view recent episodes of Civil Discourse on the What We Do page of this website and you may view recent episodes of ACCESS News on the ACCESS News website. We believe an informed citizen is an empowered citizen!

We have also begun The Capitals Tour project. Visit the tab above for more information.

Jennifer Stoker, Dvorah Ben-Moshe, Tamara Suiter-Ocuto from ACCESS News

ACCESS News is airs on KLRU-PBS television and the Austin Community College Network on Time Warner Cable. Recent episodes are also uploaded to the ACCESS News website at tab above.

Civication is pleased to announce our partnership with The Austin Community College to produce the second season of ACCESS News

AUSTIN, Texas – Civication, Inc. in cooperation with The Austin Community College District has partnered for the second season of ACCESS News!

Hands on News!

ACCESS News is a unique half-hour television program hosted by Tamara Suiter-Ocuto, a graduate of Gallaudet University. Tamara interviews people from all walks  of life, including: Congressional leaders, Nobel Prize laureates, law enforcement officials, New York Times best selling authors, community activists, and more. Tamara is deaf and each episode is presented in American Sign Language, English, and captioned! ACCESS News is enjoyable for all viewers Deaf and hearing alike. ACCESS News is designed to inform the viewer about the importance of civic-learning. The “A More Perfect Union” segments focus on the United States Constitution.

Last season, host Tamara Suiter-Ocuto interviewed a range of guests, including Congressman Michael McCaul, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ken Herman. Don Miller, associate professor of English for speakers of other languages at ACC, presented a civic-learning segment during each episode.

“Deaf education and culture are growing in Austin, and we are proud to help bring this resource to the community,” says Lyman Grant, dean of arts and humanities at ACC. “ACCESS News is a quality program that inspires intellectual discussions on topics that are engaging, relevant, and important for all viewers, whether they are Deaf or hearing.

The second season of ACCESS News taped at ACC’s production studios at Pinnacle Campu. Episodes aired on KLRU-PBS in Austin.

ACC serves as a regional center for Gallaudet University, the world’s only university in which all programs are specifically designed for Deaf and hard of hearing students. The college has a number of education programs and services for Deaf students and those preparing for careers working with the Deaf community. ACC has more than 150 Deaf or hard of hearing students, and several faculty members graduated from Gallaudet University.

“The collaboration between ACC and ACCESS News will help make our program more accessible to those in the community,” says Ken Hurley, director of Civication. “It also presents learning opportunities for students in different departments within the college. We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity.”

More than half of all Central Texas high school graduates and adults  choose the Austin Community College District for their college education. ACC helps students meet a variety of goals, including workforce training for high-demand careers, university transfer, college readiness, and attainment of new skills for career advancement. The college is home to the Student Success Initiative, a comprehensive effort to accelerate student achievement and promote innovative instruction. ACC partners with business and industry to create a pipeline of skilled workers and build a stronger, more vibrant economy. With eight campuses and a dozen centers, there is an ACC location near you. Find out more at austincc.edu.

Civication, Inc. is nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational, and tax exempt under the IRS 501(c)(3), section 170(b) (1) (A) (v1), as a public-charity educational organization whose mission is to promote civic learning and civil responsibility. The founders are Ken Hurley, Director; and Dvorah Ben-Moshe, President. Mr. Hurley and Ms. Ben-Moshe are the Executive Producers of ACCESS News.

ACCESS News is funded though the Knight Community Information Needs Challenge Grant offered by The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation advancing journalism in the digital age and investing in the vitality of communities. The Knight Foundation focuses on projects that promote informed and engaged communities and lead to transformational change.

ACCESS News is also supported by the Austin Community Foundation, a unique, not-for-profit connection between donors from all walks of life and the broad spectrum of efforts that improve our evolving community.  The Foundation brings an efficiency of scale to donors, allowing charitable dollars to go as far as possible toward improving life for all Central Texans.

Another television program we offer is called, Civil Discourse, a public interest television program produced in Jacksonville, Florida, hosted by Lisa Clarson, which discuses sometimes controversial public-policy issues in a civil manner. You may view recent programs on this website by clicking the Civil Discourse tab under, “What We Do”.

Our Mission

The mission of Civication, Inc., is to promote civic learning among those who reside in America by providing educational outreach intended to bring people together in study groups, public and private schools, colleges, universities, and other organizations to discuss, debate, and learn civil responsibility and the meaning and values of the United States Constitution.

The Need We Fill

It is our observation that we, as a society, must improve the way we teach our children what it means to be an American; to have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights; to have due process of law; and to live in a representative democracy. At Civication, Inc., we advance the understanding of America’s constitutional framework.

Who Benefits?

We, the people, benefit.

When we teach our youngest citizens the meaning of what it is to be an American and how to responsibly engage in civic matters, the chances increase that they will grow up as adults who understand, cherish, and respect our Constitution.  They may then be well equipped to make meaningful contributions to our public and civil discourse.

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Noun: The art of promoting civic learning and civil responsibility.
Date: 21st Century
501(c)(3) tax exempt

Civic learning and civil responsibility


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