Civil Discourse

Sadly, Robert Mallory Foster Jr. passed away on January 2, 2020 at the age of 35  after a brief illness. Robbie was a cordial and fierce defender of the Republican Party. His beliefs were deeply held. Watch as Robbie and his friend Ryan Clarke discuss their respective political views.
Rest in Peace.

civil discourse — Young Rep, Young Dem, Robbie and Ryan Feb 2011 from Ken Hurley on Vimeo.

Sadly, Lisa Clarson Lisa passed away on Saturday, August 31, 2019. She was a friend and a powerhouse of determination and love. Rest in peace. Watch to learn more about Lisa’s vision. DREAM BIG!

civil discourse is a half hour public interest television program that explores public policy issues.
Let us know, friend or foe, we want you on the show! Finally, controversial issues discussed in a civil manner.

Some of our guests on civil discourse:

  • Betty Winstead from Horse Sense and Sensitivity chats with Lisa Clarson about the merits of equine therapy for troubled youth in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Lisa Clarson and Cheryl Godwin Grimes discuss the future of education in America.
  • Lisa Clarson chats with Dr. Henry Thomas and Ben “America” Weaver, about sexual orientation, discrimination, and the troubling trend that is Jacksonville’s City Council.
  • Is online dating safe? Lisa Clarson discussion the pros and cons of online dating with marital and couples psychotherapist, Tim Ingram.
  • Lisa Clarson discusses the Florida “Stand Your Gound” Law with Angie Nixon (Professor), Dr. Henry Thomas (factual advisor) and Clive Richetts (Libertarian Party). Travyon Martin and Marisa Alexander are two cases that focus the discussion.
  • Lisa Clarson discusses Contraception and Religion in 21st century America with guests Henry Thomas, John Gallo and Frieda Sarga.
  • Lisa Clarson chats with Dr. Henry Thomas and Ben Weaver (aka Ben America) about the issues surrounding Occupy Jacksonville.
  • Guest Host Lisa Clarson keeps the Dead Diva Workout alive!
  • Guest Host, Lisa Clarson, discusses Dead Diva Workout and the need to keep your body moving at all ages.
  • Ken Hurley interviews Ambassador Samuel Hart about the Gaza Strip blockade, the Freedom Flotilla, Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and solutions for peace
  • Guest Host: Earl Coggins interviews Professor Casey Welch about the art and style of conflict resolution.
  • Guest Host: Scott Shine interviews attorney Bill Brinton about citizens initiatives, the charter amendment and more
  • Scott Shine, President of the Shine Agency, political consultant, former ethics commissioner discusses politics, budgets, ethics, priorities, and the need to be informed with Ken Hurley.
  • Staci Fox, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of North Florida discusses reproductive rights, Roe v. Wade, abortion, comprehensive sex education, STDs, budget cuts, and much more . . .
  • Robert Mallory Foster, Jr., Executive Director of Young Republicans of Florida and Ryan Clarke, President of Young Democrats of Jacksonville, Florida discuss their respective viewpoints
  • Guest Host Lisa Clarson discusses the Riverside Arts Market with arts visionary, Doug Coleman.
  • Adam Deli, President of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northeast Florida, and Ericka Thurman from People Over Politics discuss Florida Constitutional Amendments 5 and 6.
  • Guest Host, Lisa Clarson, inteviews Neil Armegeon, the St. Johns Riverkeeper.
  • Ken Hurley interviews Lisa Clarson, dancer, choreographer, artist, director, and creator of Big Dreams.
  • Dr. Parvez Ahmed returns to civil discourse to discuss living a Muslim life in America.
  • Dr. Michael Hallett, Professor and Chair of the Criminology Department at the University of North Florida discusses the Jacksonville Journey, crime, and actions for change.
  • Professor Carl B. Williams, Author of No Limits: A Practical Guide for Teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
  • Superintendent of the Texas School for the Deaf, Claire Bugen, discusses the need and importance of residential schools for the Deaf and the National Agenda.
  • State of Florida, Representative Mia L. Jones discusses the 2010 Census and her work in the Florida House of Representatives.
  • Rev. Harry Parrott (Ret.) American Baptist Minister and Mr. Earl Coggins, Founder First Coast Freethought Society discuss Theism and Atheism — Building Bridges
  • Annette Boyd Pitts, Executive Director of Florida Law Related Education Association
  • civil discourse Austin Jan Miller, the Director of the State Bar of Texas Law Related Education and the Director of Law Focused Education Incorporated and the Texas State Coordinator for the We The People and Project Citizen curriculum; and Professor of Government, Jerry Perry from Angelo State University

    Page 1 of George Washington’s hand written rules of civility

  • Chris Hand, Attorney, Co-Author, America The Owner’s Manual, Making Government Work for You
  • Ken Hurley, co-founder of Civication, Inc, was the first guest on civil discourse Austin in December, 2009, hosted by Dvorah Ben-Moshe.
  • Jay McGovern, Former Candidate for Congress, Florida’s 4th District
  • Dr. David Jaffee, AVP Undergraduate Studies, Professor Sociology at the University of North Florida and Mark Szakonyi, International Trade and Logistics Reporter, Jacksonville Business Journal
  • Sheriff John Rutherford, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Supervisor of Elections Duval County, Jerry Holland
  • Special Agent in Charge, FBI, Robert Cromwell
  • Ambassador Nancy Soderberg, Distinguished Visiting Professor at UNF and Author, The Superpower Myth and The Prosperity Agenda
  • Ambassador Samuel Hart
  • Dr. Candice Carter, Peace Activist, Associate Professor at UNF, Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories for a Better World
  • Dr. David Schwam-Barid, Associate Professor Political Science at UNF
  • Dr. Parvez Ahmed, Chaiman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations
  • Earl Coggins, founder First Coast Freethought Society
  • Cindy Watson, Executive Director of Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network (JASMYN)
  • Richard Burton from the NAACP and Project REACH
  • Rev. Harry Parrott, Retired Baptist minister
  • Dr. Assya Pascalev, Bioethicist
  • Jack Cole, Executive Director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)
  • Doris Marlin, President of Wage Peace
  • Carole Ann Steiger and Adrienne Kimmel from Plannned Parenthood
  • Dr. Carolyn Williams, History Professor at UNF
  • Dr. Laura Lane and Dr. Helen Jackson from Jacksonville Community Council, Inc.
  • Doug Orange, Founder of Empowerment First
  • Steven Stoll, Professor of American History at Florida State College
  • Rev. Gary Debusk, Christ Church of Peace
  • Dr. Henry Thomas, Chairman, Department Political Science at UNF
  • Billie Bussard, former Florida Times-Union editorial writer
  • Rodney Hurst, Activist and Author, It Was Never About A Hot Dog and A Coke
  • Jessica McCaffery and Michelle Knight from the National Organization for Women
  • Dr. Anthony Rossi, Professor of Biology at UNF
  • Alain Raymond from Equality Florida
  • Andy Johnson, activist, radio host, “Down to Business”
  • Lance Corporal Lance Norman discusses applying for Contentious Objector Status
  • Isaiah Rumlin, President, Jacksonville NAACP
  • Marcia Ladendorff, Former CNN anchor and Honors Program at UNF
  • Rev. Timothy F. Simpson, Christian Alliance for Progress
  • Ellis Curry, Ex-Offender
  • Rev. John Young, Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Dvorah Ben-Moshe, Civication, Inc.
  • Eugene V. Armao, author, Everyman: An Autobiography OR How a White South Philly Sicilian/American Republican of the Roman Catholic Faith Grew Up To Become A Suntanned Southern Liberal Democrat & Came to Write His Very Own fictional Autobiography (Whatever That Is)
  • Angela Vickers, JD, Mental Heath Advocate and Author, Brain Bondage: The Delay in Mental Health Recovery
  • Heather Wellman, Executive Director of Humanists of Florida Association
  • Adrienne Kimmell, Executive Director of Florida Association of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, Inc.

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