Our Vision

The future of America is in our hands. All of our hands. You, me, and all we know.

Representative democracy works best with informed and engaged participation. We the people — means us.

Therefore, we should try to understand the process by which our government functions and learn to enjoy being part of the process that affects each of our lives daily.

In simple terms, our government can be described as the people and groups within a society with the authority to make, carry out and enforce laws, and manage disputes about them.

An understanding of the necessity of government and its usefulness in promoting agreed upon goals that benefit the individual and society is essential for the development of informed, competent, responsible citizens.

Many studies suggest that we, as a society, are have failed to effectively teach our children what it means to be an American; what it means to have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights; what it means to have due process of law and what it means to live in a representative democracy. These studies indicate that more people can identify the names of the Simpson’s family members than can name the rights offered by our First Amendment.

At Civication, Inc. we seek to improve the understanding of America’s constitutional framework among all those who reside within America.

We need your help.

Help us help inspire and support our educators to teach our youngest citizens the meaning of what it is to be an American and the meaning of civil responsibility so that we are more likely to wind up with adults who are well-equipped to make meaningful contributions to our public civil discourse, and who better understand, cherish and respect our Constitution.

Imagine a well-informed populace who possess critical thinking skills and are able to engage with accuracy and thoughtful opinions regarding complicated public-policy issues that affect each of our lives.

Help us help by supporting our projects that seek to serve historically marginalized populations by our outreach intended to motivate individuals to fully participate in the civic community.

Help us by underwriting our ACCESS News television program.  ACCESS News bridges the gap that impedes social, economic and educational advancement and helps targeted residents participate in the creation of news and information that will transform thequality and breadth of civic learning and civil responsibility in the Austin community. All in American Sign Language.

Help us help by supporting our vision of establishing Camp Civication, where children and young adults can explore and discuss such core issues as the rule of law, separation of powers, checks and balances, minority rights, the Bill of Rights, as well as the ideas of political, legal, and economic equality.

Help us by supporting – The Capitals Tour – where we take our cameras throughout North America stopping at each state capital (and point of interest in-between) while capturing raw extemporaneous opinions from a wide variety of people relative to civic-minded, public-interest issues. Scheduled to begin early 2013.

Help us help by supporting our campaigns to create service-learning opportunities for children and young adults that will extend learning beyond the classroom and into the community by providing structured time for students to reflect by thinking, discussing and/or writing about their service experience.

The support of friends like you help Civication achieve lasting success. Your most generous support is needed to ensure we have the resources necessary to continue our dream of reshaping what it should mean to be a thoughtful, engaged, civic-minded American.

The stakes are high. Our agenda is ambitious. Ignorance should not rule America. Help us help by giving as generously as you can. Your contribution is tax deductible under the IRS rules governing 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

Thank you. Your friendship is motivational!

Your kindness, support, generosity, and donations are needed and greatly appreciated. 
Thank you!

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