Selected Speech Titles

Please contact us to arrange for a lively, informative, and entertaining speaker at your next event. No speaking fee is charged. Each presentation sets an issue platform on which the audience comments and engages in lively Q&A and discussion. Our kind of fun!

You may watch a few videos of previous presentations here:

The Best Speech Ever . . . Really from Mark Renwick on Vimeo.

What Should It Mean To Be An American? from Mark Renwick on Vimeo.

Opinions, Dominions, Great Virginians, and the Hope for Civil Discourse from Mark Renwick on Vimeo.

Other speech topics are:


  • The Best Speech Ever . . . Really. Or, Why America is smart enough to have left plenty of room for improvement
  • Opinions, Dominions, Great Virginians and the Hope for Civil Discourse
  • The Chaotic Kingdom. A story for elementary school students that describes a weary King who seeks to give up his power in favor of three branches of government. Funny and informative. (approximately 30 minutes)
  • What Should It Mean to Be an American?
  • Idiots, Activist Judges, Civics, and the United States Supreme Court
  • The Process is Due: Gitmo and America’s Constitutional Values
  • Executive Powers: Spies, Lies, and Taps
  • endowed by their Creator . . .” Considering the Origins of Civil Rights
  • Ra, Blue Blankies, Ghosts, Holy Ghosts, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Integrity, Delusions and the Art of Spin OR a Nod To Bill O’Reilly
  • The Gay Divorcee: 1001 Reasons to Seek Equality
  • The Cost of Free Speech, Pulpit Politics, Moral Values, Fishing, and the Big Lies
  • Whoosh! Was That Our Constitution? The USA PATRIOT ACT – Safety and Freedom
  • Affirmative Action: Which Action Do We Want to Affirm?
  • “In God We Trust” OR In God Some of Us Trust OR e pluribus unum
  • A Double-Super-Secret No-Take-Backs Discussion
  • When Does A Pledge Expire? Making Sense of the Pledge of Allegiance Controversy
  • Science Under Siege: The Attack on Evolution