We The People

Great Partners, Great Curriculum: The Center for Civic Education

Since the inception of the We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution program in 1987, more than 28 million students and 90 thousand educators have participated in this innovative course of study. Several Studies by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Professor Richard Brody, Stanford University, indicate that students who used the curriculum “significantly outperformed comparison students” on every topic studied.” A recent study, conducted by the independent firm RMC Research Corporation, found that students using the curriculum scored significantly higher on a comprehensive test of political knowledge when compared to their peers in comparison classes as well as university students attending political science courses. The program enjoys the active participation of members of Congress, as well as support from professional, business, and community organizations across the nation.  Program participants can maintain contact with the Center and with one another through the We the People alumni network.


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